A native of Beaufort, South Carolina, Martha’s journey to health and wellness began nearly two decades ago as a young girl struggling with depression and searching for balance in her life.  After suffering personal and professional challenges, a debilitating injury, and a battle with exercise bulimia, Martha became determined to forge a path to true health and vitality, knowing she had to love herself enough to transform her life.  


While she was a full-time educator, Martha devoted her life outside the classroom to educate herself on how she could reach peak physical and mental performance, the right way.  She became certified in yoga, mat pilates, and taught classes at her local fitness facility. She had navigated the overwhelming false information in the market and finally reached a place in her life where she achieved balance.  She became determined to share her knowledge with others and help them achieve their personal goals.   While she loved the opportunities teaching young children, her higher calling continued to whisper in her ear. 


In June of 2016, with 200 GreenMonkey Yoga certified training hours at her feet and a holistic health coach certification, Martha resigned from teaching elementary students to pursue empowering others full time.  She founded her own company and has been thriving ever since.  She lives passionately in the pursuit of helping others reach their goals and knows that true health captures the mind, body, and spirit.  

Solidifying her commitment to professionalism in the health and wellness industry, Martha was certified as a National Board Certified Health  & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching in March 2020.

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