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When starting with Martha, I was frustrated, depressed, and overweight.  She helped me obtain my goals by taking everything I told her into account and designed a program for my exact needs. She made me feel like I had someone in my corner.  She has held me accountable and her program has been life-changing for me.  The most significant overall changes I have noticed are I enjoy my life more, I have more confidence and I have learned how to stay focused to reach my goals."

"The most important factor in Martha's counseling was in helping me to design a diet that works.  She was very diplomatic about this.  She identified the worst foods in my diet (diet sodas, frozen pizza, ice cream and other highly processed foods).  I went from 207lbs to 185 in four months without paying any attention to portion sizes.  We are now working on the last 20lbs.  Martha is professional while maintaining an empathetic perspective.  She has consistently monitored my progress without being intrusive."

"After having one on one Pilates classes at my home with Martha McDuff, I can see significant changes in myself. Me core strength has improved so much that I can now balance on one foot. Impossible when I started.  I have also lost inches as well as pounds. I also walk and bike , as well as improved my diet. But I find my Pilates class to be an important piece of my fitness plan . Resulting in balance and confidence. Thank you Martha!"

"After many years taking pilates, having a personal trainer, and going to the YMCA on my own, Martha took me under her wing eighteen months ago.  She created a pilates program to strengthen my core and back, several mornings a week, in my home. Never having had much exposure to yoga, I was delighted that she was incorporating those poses, which was improving my wellness and self-image."

"Martha was wonderful to work with!  She was very supportive throughout our sessions and understood that even if you had a bad day (or week!), you don't have to give up your progress in getting healthier.  She has a growth mindset and always helped me feel successful.  I loved learning about mindful eating and really paying attention to my body and how I feel while eating.  Getting healthy is day by day journey, and Martha helped me learn the tools to make it happen!"   

"I learned so much from Martha as my health coach.  She led me, educated me and sometimes pushed me –but she always supported me through the difficult process of developing a healthier lifestyle.  Although I thought I understood the basic concepts of nutrition and exercise, I was never able to act on that knowledge alone.  Simply put, I needed a coach and Martha did a great job!   I am so grateful for her help."

Working with Martha Mcduff was one of the best things I did in 2018!


After graduating college and starting my first real job, I quickly felt the impact of sitting for 8-9 hours on my body. A few months into working I started feeling back pain while sleeping, pain that was bad enough to wake me up most mornings. This wasn't the only pain from sitting and poor posture that I was feeling, but it was the most significant and I was only 22 years old!


After a day of working and little sleep, I couldn't motivate myself to exercise even though I knew that's exactly what I needed to be doing. I reached out to Martha and she created an exercise plan based on what I needed and also gave me advice on what to remove and add to my diet to make it more anti-inflammatory to help with the pain. Now I'm stronger, sleeping better and feeling better! 

Whether you're looking for a push to get started with a healthier life or you workout routinely and just need a change, Martha can help you! She helped me so much and I am extremely grateful!

"Meeting Martha was a stroke of good luck for me. My doctor, Clark Trask, was kind enough to set up four sessions with her so I could get a better understanding of what I needed to change in my eating habits.  I found Martha to be a very engaging young woman who knows how to communicate her knowledge and also has a true sense of compassion.  You can tell immediately that she is where she should be in her career choice.  Talking to her made me feel like I was not just a client but a friend!"

 I originally hired Martha thinking that I would lose the excess pounds I am carrying, never thinking that she would change my whole way of thinking about what good health and a good life consist of.  I have learned so much about foods that I previously thought were good or okay with my health and now have erased from my life.   I did not lose many pounds, but I have lost inches due to eliminating foods bad for our bodies.   I have read books about other groups of people in different parts of the world that live with good health and longevity due to their food choices and active lives.  I have changed my bad habits (at least some of them) and my laziness by keeping active and thinking with an assist with my faith. 

    There is so much more to write about because  I just cannot put on paper my love for a changed life and my appreciation for Martha.  Oh, I am 73 years old and figured I knew all I need to know about good health.  I knew very little.  Thank you Martha!